Three Sweeties offers an enormous range of cupcake designs and options which are bound to impress with both their look and taste!

See a selection of our latest designs below or view the full gallery here …

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Further details


All of our custom designed cupcakes are buttercake style – moist and delicious!. We do not make sponge cakes, continental cakes, or cakes filled with fresh cream.

We are proud to say that we bake entirely to order, so you can be assured of nothing but fresh, baked-to-order cakey goodness. Choose from the following flavours for your cake:

  • Devil’s food chocolate cake: Dark and delicious: nobody ever stops at just one slice. A customer favourite!
  • Vanilla butter cake: A buttery golden cake for the purists among us.
  • Coconut cake: Similar to our vanilla butter cake but tastes and smells like a tropical vacation because we’ve packed heaps of coconut into them.
  • Rainbow-a-go-go: Only for those who want significant ‘wow’ factor! The brightest, craziest, most insane rainbow cake you’ve ever seen. Based on our vanilla butter cake, it’s the surprise inside which will guarantee that this will be a cake to remember for your guests.
  • White-chocolate mud: A rich and creamy white-chocolate mud cake.
  • White chocolate and raspberry: Our gorgeously rich white-chocolate mud cake studded with whole raspberries.
  • Caramel mud
  • Cherry ripe mud

Is your mouth watering yet? Contact us to make enquiries, request quotes or to book a consultation.


You can pick up from our location in Caulfield South.

If you choose to pick up your products from us, we will not be liable for the condition of your products after it leaves us. We will have to charge a call-out fee if you pick up a product and subsequently require assistance setting it up or repairing damage done en route. We strongly suggest products are picked up and taken directly home or to your venue – driving around with them in a car all day is not a good idea!


Delivery and/or setup is available on request, please email or call us on 1300 360 102 to discuss further.

Please give us as much notice as possible for deliveries: a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

If we organise delivery for you, our liability ceases once the products are delivered and set up at your venue. Please also read our terms and conditions.


Please read our page ‘Considering ordering from us?‘ – it contains lots of ideas to get you thinking about the perfect cupcakes for your event.

When ordering cupcakes from Three Sweeties, you can choose:

  • Flavour: You can choose a selection of different flavours for your cupcake order, but generally no more than two flavours per dozen cakes. If you would just like a mixture of things, you will get ‘baker’s choice’ – a mixture of flavours in your order, as determined by what is fresh baking on the day.
  • Colour of cupcake paper
  • Colour and type of icing: We offer a wide variety of icings for you choose from.
  • Decoration


We have a one-dozen minimum order size for cupcake orders, and minimum of 24 for our mini cupcakes. We can produce any number (including odd numbers) above 12. Discounts are available for orders of more than 200 standard-size cupcakes.


We offer two sizes of cupcake: standard muffin-size cupcakes, and mini-cupcakes. The mini-cupcakes are approximately two bites, and the standard cupcake is about the size of a home-baked muffin (not a Texas muffin).


We are happy to deliver cupcakes within Melbourne, but we do not ship them interstate or overseas. A minimum spend of $150 applies, plus delivery charges.



Corporate logos can be placed on cupcakes – logos can be any shape and are placed onto fondant before we put them onto the cupcake.

Colour variations

Please note that for several reasons colour variations are common in the printing of edible images. Some ink colours are simply not edible. Also every computer and printer shows variances depending on it’s individual settings. In addition to this the image you see when you are looking on a black-green-red computer screen versus a cyan-magenta-yellow print on white paper can also be quite different. Try printing out your computer screen image on a white page to see what colour adjustments you might wish to make before you send us your image. 

Much depends on the quality of the image you email us. Our edible image software cannot enhance a poor resolution image. When optimisation of colour and contrast are particularly important, for example for a company logo or a colour theme, some clients prefer to have their image photo shopped by an IT expert. Alternatively the services of a graphic artist can be utilized before emailing an image to us.


  • Cupcakes start at $4.00 each – this price is for a custom cupcake (your choice of flavour, cupcake paper, icing type and icing colour) and simple decoration such as cachous, edible confetti, edible glitter.
  • Cupcakes with sugar flowers, butterflies, letters and other decorations start at $4.50 each. More complex cupcake designs are priced individually.
  • Edible-image cupcakes are $5 each.
  • Mini-cupcakes start at $2.50 each and will go up depending on decoration.
  • We can offer a discount on orders of over 200 standard-size cupcakes.
  • Remember that delivery and set-up are additional charges.


While we do our best to fulfil last-minute orders, please give us as much time as possible to book your cupcake order. Each order is hand-made to exact customer specifications, and can often take several days to prepare, especially if flowers or figurines are part of the design. Our customers expect high-quality products from us, and we therefore have to limit the number of orders we can take at any one time. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note: If you are putting in a last-minute order or changing your existing order (we consider anything less than 3 days to be last-minute), please ring us and do not rely on email. As we are in a kitchen most of the time, we don’t often have a computer to hand and email is not checked as often as the phone is answered.


Ready to place an order? Call us on 1300 360 102.


Please read our terms and conditions for all orders.