Whether you’re launching a product, opening a new store, or celebrating a team victory, Three Sweeties can provide custom-branded products to make your event a success!

See a selection of our latest designs below or view the full gallery here …

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Any of Three Sweeties’ products can of course be used in a corporate setting, but why not consider the following suggestions?:

  • Edible image cakes: We can bake you a cake with an important image right on it – a company logo, a picture of your team, or perhaps something to celebrate a product launch. If we can design it, we can put it on a cake.
  • 3D cakes: For a really special occasion, we can produce a cake in a shape which has real meaning for you and your team, such as the shape of your logo, or the shape of your latest product!
  • Edible image cupcakes: Our edible images can be included on cupcakes – anything from logos to pictures of your team members.
  • Edible image cookies and biscuits: We can individually wrap cookies for your convenience. Our corporate cookies can be a perfect thank-you for clients, or an enticement for people visiting your stand at a conference or expo.

Feel free to browse through all of our extensive product range on this site. Then, when you’re ready to discuss how Three Sweeties can help make your next function extra-special, call us on 1300 360 102.


Please note that for several reasons colour variations are common in the printing of edible images. Some ink colours are simply not edible. Also every computer and printer shows variances depending on it’s individual settings. In addition to this the image you see when you are looking on a black-green-red computer screen versus a cyan-magenta-yellow print on white paper can also be quite different. Try printing out your computer screen image on a white page to see what colour adjustments you might wish to make before you send us your image. 

Much depends on the quality of the image you email us. Our edible image software cannot enhance a poor resolution image. When optimisation of colour and contrast are particularly important, for example for a company logo or a colour theme, some clients prefer to have their image photo shopped by an IT expert. Alternatively the services of a graphic artist can be utilized before emailing an image to us.