Below are some of the questions we are most often asked. If you’ve still got a question you would like answered, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes, we deliver 7 days a week to most of Melbourne. Let us know where you want it to go and we’ll let you know if we can get it there and what it will cost you.
Anything less than 3 days’ notice. All of our products are baked to order and it takes time to make things as awesome as we do. Please understand that we need more than two hours to create a three-tiered wedding cake. We are amazing, but even we cannot make cakes bake faster.
No, we’re more than happy to chat over the phone or discuss it via email.
If we do, we’ll post it on our Facebook page or via our newsletter.
Yes, the minimum for cupcakes is 12, mini cupcakes is 24, cake pops is 12, and our minimum charge for cake is $150.
Because it’s worth it. You’re not just buying a cake: you’re buying great service, high quality ingredients, and getting the benefit of our years and years of knowledge, experience, artistic skill and talent.
Yes. We do not make cakes which look like realistic pets or people as we think it’s cruel to eat your best mate. We’ll happily make figurines of people and pets, but we believe nobody should be eating Rover’s face.
A cake celebrating the beginning of duck season, which included 4 different species of duck, an angry looking bull and plenty of cow pats.
Yes, but we will give them credit for the original design if we ever publish that cake (or even if a client just asks) but we much prefer to put our own twist on things.
No. Never on cake (as you’ll see above, we think we’re worth it), and only on cupcakes if your order is in excess of 200 pieces.
As soon as you can – we do book out on very popular weekends, and our stands book out as well. We do our absolute best to take on every order we can, but there are times when it’s just not physically possible for us to take on more orders. We would much rather you order early to avoid being disappointed. As a general rule, give us as much time as you can, but for most things a week is enough.