This course will get you started with buttercream, the ever-popular cake covering. Buttercream cakes are especially popular with the younger crowd, as it’s sweet and soft and delicious.


About this class

This course is intended for beginners.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Recipes for icing
  • Piping techniques, including letters and borders
  • Covering of cakes in buttercream (square and round cakes)
  • Piping tips and their different purposes
  • Correct preparation and storage of buttercream
  • Colouring of icing
  • Transferring images onto buttercream
  • Different applications for which buttercream can be used

Students will complete some cupcakes as well as a small cake covered in buttercream.

Course duration

3 hour workshop


$175 per student, inclusive of all materials and other things (read about Classes at Three Sweeties).

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