Learn the basics involved in figurine making and working with fondant and gum paste to do so – this course is a great starting point for learning how modelling to create edible characters. You will be learning how to make an animal, a soft toy, and a person – all of which are essential skills you will need to go on and create more complex figurines.

About this classclasses-modelling

Topics covered

  • This workshop is aimed at those who would like to learn how a figurine is formed.
  • We will explain the difference in modelling paste and fondant.
  • We will talk about the various tools used in making models.
  • We will cover how to change looks and expressions on people and how to have figurines standing or sitting.
  • You will learn how to secure the models to your cake, correct positioning and layout.
  • Students will each complete one animal or figurine of their choice.

Course duration

3 hour workshop


$175 per student, inclusive of all materials and other things (read about Classes at Three Sweeties).

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